4 Ways to Lower Home Insurance Costs

When it comes to home insurance, having the proper coverage that fits your life is the most important factor, but having a competitive rate is a close second.  Instead of compromising your coverage to lower costs, follow these 4 tips to help decrease your home insurance costs:

  1. Combine with auto insurance:  Insurance carriers give large discounts when auto and home insurance are bundled together, typically, this is a savings around 20%.  This is the best way to help cut costs.
  2. Raise your deductible: Many homeowners carry a $500 home insurance deductible.  We recommend raising it to $1,000 for an approximate 10% savings, or even $2,000 for a savings of 15%.  It is important to remember that home insurance is designed for catastrophic losses and not small claims.  A higher deductible will help homeowners save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  3. Home security system: Installing a home security system offers peace of mind and can also help lower insurance costs.  Many companies offer a 5-10% discount on a home insurance policy if a security system is present.
  4. Use an independent insurance agent:  Most agent only represent one company, but independent agents partner with multiple.  This allows the independent agent to do the shopping and work on your behalf instead of the company’s.

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