My mortgage company is requesting proof of home insurance, how do I get that?

The first step is getting an insurance quote from bubbler. ( to do so, click here)  Once an insurance proposal is prepared and agreed upon, we will contact your mortgage broker and send proof of home insurance for closing.  This process generally takes 1 day.

How long before my closing date do I need to set up the insurance?

Typically, your mortgage broker will request proof of insurance approximately 30 days prior to closing, but it is best to provide proof as soon as possible.

How long does it take to get a home insurance quote?

At bubbler., you will receive a quote back the same day it is requested (turn around time is approximately 4 hours)

Should I get quotes from multiple insurance companies?

Researching insurance companies and calling around for multiple quotes is exhausting, and in most cases, unnecessary.  bubbler. was developed to take the stress out of home insurance and does all of shopping for you.  Instead of being limited to one insurance carrier, bubbler. represents 20+ of the most reputable insurance companies in the nation.

Is it best to combine with my car insurance?

YES! This is the best way to save money on home insurance. Not only will you receive up to 40% discount on your auto and home insurance, most companies offer better coverage options for combined policies.  This also makes your life easier by only having one point of contact for insurance purposes.

What if I already paid my car insurance in full for the year?

No problem, bubbler. will take care of cancelling your existing car insurance and you will be refunded for the unused premiums.  There are no early termination or cancellation fees on auto insurance policies.

What are factors that affect home insurance prices?

There are many factors that play a role in determining insurance costs that go beyond the size and location of your home. Claims history and credit score are a large part of determining home insurance rates.  Other factors that affect your rate include the presence of a pool/trampoline, the age of your roof, type of plumbing, if/what breed of dog lives in the home, age of home, zip code.  Features such as security systems, smart home devices, and smoke detectors can lower the price.

What is an escrow account?

An escrow account manages funds for your property taxes and insurance premiums.  It allows you to make one monthly payment where a portion goes towards your mortgage and the other portion goes into your escrow account for taxes and insurance.  When your tax and insurance bill are due, the funds in your escrow account are used to pay them.

Do I have to pay the home insurance in full for 12 months?

Most mortgage companies require this, however we can also invoice your mortgage company and to have it paid at closing. This means that the first year of premiums get rolled into your closing costs.

What does my homeowners insurance cover?

All basic home insurance policies (HO3) will cover the following losses; fire, tornadoes/wind, hail/lightning, theft/vandalism, and a pipe burst/freezing. There are many endorsements that can be added on to your home insurance policy to offer additional coverage. Your bubbler. representative will provide unbiased advice on what additional coverages are needed to make sure you and your home are properly protected.

How do I know what coverages I need for my home?

A professional at bubbler. will provide sound advice on the correct coverage that is necessary for your home.

Why is the replacement value of my home higher than what I paid for the home?

For insurance purposes, your home is insured at replacement cost. This is the amount it would cost to rebuild a home from scratch. This factors in similar building materials, heating and cooling systems & more! Non-material costs are considered as well, including permits, fees, debris removal, contractor labor, overhead and profit. The amount your home could sell for is known as market value which takes factors such as neighborhood, home values around you and the real estate market into account. By insuring your home on replacement cost, you are getting the coverage you truly need should you ever suffer a total loss.  Insurance companies don’t care about market value.